Established in 2010, Carson Technology Company is a LED lighting manufacturer with a factory direct plant in China and distribution warehouse in California. By adopting a product differentiation strategy, we offer value engineered LED lighting solutions whose investments can payback within the first year.

Our Mission

The world is changing around us. We are always looking forward to the trends that will shape the LED lighting industry in the future. We are ready for tomorrow, today. This mentality creates a long-term destination for our business and provides a winning formula for our clients.


Canopy Lights

Our Values

  • • Accountability: establishing client-first mentality
  • • Integrity: accurately portraying the LED lighting industry reality
  • • Quality: manufacturing premium LED products

Product Differentiation Strategy

  • • Customize products catering to client demand
  • • Identify untapped niche markets with patent pending products
  • • Quality: manufacturing premium LED products